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Live 2 weeks like a professional golfer

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If you follow on my latest adventures on Instagram, get noticed I make an incredible august ever ! After Evian Championship, I crossed “ La Manche” for cover the AIG British Women's Open in England for my fairways magazine and Le Golf au Feminin. Two huges tournaments in their qualities of majors, but both is different in terms of setting, ambiance and atmosphere… I was lucky to go to Evian several times, and this edition was really magical ! Actually ? For many reasons ! First, for the beauty of the place, for Lake view, for their course, and hotels... The light of July offers a little more brilliance to the tournament and the public, more numerous than the other years. It looks like a fairytale. Then, the players: the Evian Championship brings together the world union and a home an opportunity to observe such a level of play in France. But the best is yet to come.

I arrive in Evian on Monday, July 23rd. All exhilarated, intrigued and curious. I run everywhere, I want to do everything. Between watering the green, training of the players, video shootings, and heat, personally I die ! In the evening, I watch the pro golfer putting with their coach, and to be honest with you... This discipline is not my strongest game... I down stair to the bar, I turn my head and I meet the eyes of a player that I love, the American player: Jaye Marie Green ! I did not need more to attack. We exchanged and laughed so much. I explain to her why I am here, for a few minutes, I was happy to discuss with her like a good friend. Here at Evian you can have so much fun with great people ! Then she returned to the Manor to rest. Yes, champions must rest to be in shape ! But we are promised to see us again at Woburn British Open.

Back in France, I unpack and pack my suitcase. I return to fly to Heathrow, the next day. The timing is very "rush". The alarm clocking and I'm leaving for England ! A "So British" tournament. The game was played in Woburn, 1 hour from London. I make sure you, my accommodation was not so far away, just 15 minutes from the golf course ! Remember my meeting with Jaye Marie Green in Evian ? Well, after finding us, our friendship has taken a little more magnitude, since she is invited to sleep in her Airbnb all week ! Magical ! Let me share you the daily life of the champion. It is that's what I imagined. Jaye got early bedtime habit, stays focused on the game, no party at home, and a healthy lifestyle all the week ! One fact you have to know about her, she loves thai food ! It is awesome, because me too… Thai food, is the family. Jaye, Matt his brother and me, was cracked… At this night, we ordered “beef larb”, chicken coco soup and white rice ! SO GOOD ! Next day, we dinner in Mexican restaurant, the Nando's. It was so delicious ! Nothing is better to finish our meal with an apple pie: Vanilla ice cream, crunchy caramel, apple… At the morning, Jaye gets up 1 hour before the departure of his courtesy car. We leave early to the Player Lounge - the rendez-vous for all the players to lunch and relax : buffet, ping-pong, couch and smoothie bar… Everything to feel good ! Her breakfast is "healthy" and good ! A bowl of plain yoghurt, muesli and fruit; and she add Fitteam Fit drink. Time to warm up, she putting, practice, approaches and let’s go ! That’s motivated me to work hard, play hard and maybe became a professional golfer one day ? Those weeks was crazy... I lived an unforgettable adventure with Jaye and Matt during 7 days.

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